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Santa Barbara

Is Santa Barbara the Place for You?

This place has been regarded by many travel sites as one of the most promising views of the Pacific coast. Santa Barbara captivated the eye of many tourists because of its beautiful landscapes and the numerous tourist destinations. It is not surprising how many people have seen California real estate of Santa Barbara as their top choice for relocating or buying a real estate property. Before diving to that life-changing decision, let us first review the top things you need to know about Santa Barbara and handy tips for relocating and buying a real estate property.

Facts about Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, California spans about 65miles from Los Angeles and travels along the coast of the Pacific. The dazzling picturesque background of the Santa Ynez Mountains complements the beauty of the California’s Mediterranean climate. The population of Santa Barbara as of January 2014 is approximately 88, 500. The quantity of households within Santa Barbara is approximately 35,500. The cost of living in Santa Barbara is about 140 percent higher than that of the US.

If the tourist destinations matter most to you, homes for sale in Santa Barbara houses one of the most famous California surfing spot, which is the Rincon surfing area. The Channel Islands International Park can also offer you a touch of nature and aquatic resources.


The first thing to consider when relocating or buying homes for sale in Santa Barbara is its location. What kind of environment do you want to live in? Do you prefer a relaxing cool meadow or a busy city street? You probably want a short distance commute from where you’re working to your home as well as a short distance to the nearest airport, bus station, school, shopping center, and hospital. A good option is the Santa Maria metro area because there are a lot of metro shops, and it only takes a short commute if you are working downtown. Santa Barbara College is a well-known option for most students because of its location as well as its quaint Californian view.


The price of most California real estate properties for sale is dependent upon its property value, distance to shopping districts and the annual economic figure. The average home price for properties in Santa Barbara as of the year 2014 is $909,100 according to BestPlace. Your budget determines the best options for your home so you should do some research about the right real estate property price for you and your family.

Natural and Man-made Disaster Risks

This is another factor that needs to be considered when relocating and buying a home. What is the level of crime rate in your prospective location? Does your prospective property falls under a major fault line, increasing its risk for earthquakes?

Santa Barbara has a crime index of about 12 percent and is lower compared to the crimes in the US. The geographic location of homes for sale in Santa Barbara is not under any known fault line and has a lower risk of experiencing earthquakes according to CountyOfSB.

Top choices for homes for sale in Santa Barbara are Mesa, Goleta, and the downtown Santa Barbara. Make sure you have gathered all the information that you need before deciding on relocating or buying a property. It is smart to make a checklist of all the information that you need and to talk to the right people.

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