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Ventura County

Ventura County, California

Is it the Right Place for Your Home?

Buying a new house is a tedious process, not only because of the different options you will be confronted with, but also because of the difficulty of choosing a location. If you are given the freedom to choose the next place you would be living in, one of the options you can consider will be purchasing California real estate, specifically in Ventura County. Keep on reading the rest of this article to know whether it is a good idea to buy realty in Ventura County, California or look for another option.

Price of Real Estate Properties

Among other things, it will be important to determine home values, which will allow you to decide whether to live in that area or choose another place wherein houses are more affordable. According to a reputable real estate website, the median value of a house being sold in Ventura County is $499,500, which is reflective of 8.5% increase from the previous year and expected to increase by 3.5% in the following year. The median list price is $298 per square foot, which is similar to the value of homes for sale in Ventura County, California.

Being One with Nature

Many people who are searching for California real estate consider Ventura County as a preferred location because it offers the ability to commune with nature. This makes it the perfect dwelling place for those who prefer a quiet environment, wherein you can blend in harmony with nature. It is isolated by mountains, and there are numerous options for those who like to go on hiking trips. There are also rivers and other places of interest for those who love nature, which can be very near the houses that are made available for sale.

Beyond Pristine Beach Community

People who are on the lookout for California real estate end up picking Ventura County because it is a beach town, making it the perfect choice for those who love swimming and sunbathing. The seaside community is not only known for having pristine beaches, but also or having sidewalk art exhibits and various historical attractions. For sure, living here would present you with an active lifestyle in a community with a rich history.

Cost of Living

While there are many good things making realty in Ventura County, California attractive, there are people who try to stay away from the idea basically because of the high cost of living compared to living in other places. The high cost of living is continuing to rise, which puts pressure on people to earn more to sustain a living. The overall cost of living index in Ventura County is 164, as against the country-wide average index of 100. Since it is higher than the national average, it simply means it is expensive to live in the area.

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